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Disc 1


1."(Goodbye) Once Upon a Time (6:50)

2."Someone Should (4:02)

3."You're Not Alone (6:20)

4."Hot to Cold (4:41)

5."On the Loose (5:09)

6."On My Way"5:54

7."Not This Way (Chapter 10) / Scratching the Surface (9:40)

8."Time to Go (4:11)

9."I'll Be (4:30)

Disc 2


1."Don't Be Late (Chapter 2) / Drum Solo (11:49)

2."Wildest Dreams (4:09)

3."Ice Nice (7:07)

4."Humble Stance (6:11)

5."Careful Where You Step (7:55)

6."Wind Him Up (5:42)

7."The Flyer (5:00)


Total Time: 44:51





Line Up


Michael Sadler – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Bass Guitar on

"Humble Stance"

Jim Gilmour – Main Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals on "Scratching the Surface" and "Not This Way", Co-Lead Vocals on "Hot to Cold" and "Time to Go"

Ian Crichton – Guitar

Jim Crichton – Bass Guitar, Bass Synth, Keyboards on "Humble Stance"

Mike Thorne – Drums, Acoustic & Electric Percussion, Backing Vocals